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Originally published 1/15/2010 on powerwordheal.blogspot.com

So much talk in the WoW blogging world and on Twitter is about how random dungeons have changed game play experience.  People are bitching about random PuG healers, really bad DPSers, and fail tanks.

I have a different story.

Last night I realized that I have been severely negelecting my Boomchicken.  Kaylex.  My blog namesake.  She was once one of the best geared toons in the guild.  She put out the most dps.  What a difference a month makes.  She has been sitting on the back burner, while I geared up Sven.  I’ve been healing my butt off with the priest.  But now, I’ve decided it is time to dust off my feathers and kill shit.  But I need gear upgrades.  I have my T9 set, but my boots, bracers, trinkets and whatnot need some help.  Luckily, the new heroics drop some upgrades for me.

SO, after we went dragon hunting with our guild (Thursday are Dragon grind night.. we tried OS+3, Maly and Ony in a 25 man) I got a wild hair to queue for the new dungeons.  I got 4 guildies together and the only option we weren’t locked out of was hHoR.  I was the sole ranged dps, Shaz went Tree to heal, Shushi the enhance shammy, and Popple the dps warrior.  NO TANK.  FUCK! We were the lone rangers left on in guild, so we would have to PUG.

Wait..  seriously..  we are going to PUG a TANK for hHoR?  The thought of that made me cringe.  I’ve been healing it alot lately with my disc priest (she is determined to get the Shriveled Heart).  Even in good groups, getting through waves 6-9 can be a painful experience. We queue.  15 minutes later, right as I’m about to log off, we get in.

The pally tank realizes pretty quick that we are from the same guild.  He says, “Your guild doesn’t have any tanks?”  To which I reply, “Not this late at night.”  We start the event.  Waves 1-4 are fine.  The first boss is fine.  Then, somewhere around wave 7, Shaz dies.  Not sure what killed him, but the Tree is dead.  I Brez him and innervate him and we continue.  End of wave 8, Shaz dies again.  FUCK.  I drop form and start healing.  I’m low on mana to begin with (brezes suck it out of you) and I’ve already used my innervate on him.  I try to keep HoT’s up.  Popple goes down..  GAH…  More heals up..  OOM..  I’m crying..  Wave 9 is over…  Boss incoming…  SHIT…

Shushi eats dirt when the boss has about 600k HP left.  I’m beating the boss with my staff, trying to regen mana to no avail.  I die.  500,000 HP left on the boss. Shushi reincarnates, helps heal a bit and beats on the boss some more.  He dies.  I figure it’s a wipe.  Then, I witnessed the most incredible thing I’ve seen in WoW.  This pally, took a boss with half a MILLION hitpoints left, kited him around the room so he wasn’t standing in “Teh Badz” alternated judging wisdom and light, healing himself, and KILLED THE MOTHER FUCKING BOSS.  Without us.  (which explains my LOLbaddps on the recount meter if you see that)

Who says pally’s aren’t OP?

We cheered him on as he went. I told him if he killed the boss I’d blog it. I’m a woman of my word.  When he rezed us, I said that was the best tanking effort I had ever seen from a player.  He said “My raid leader thinks I’m a bad tank.”   I hope this tiny blog, out in a sea of Teh Interwebz, helps you my friend.  Send your guildies here if they don’t believe your story.

Hapten-Wyrmrest Accord, of the Emberstorm battlegroup.  You are my hero.  Battle on.

ETA:  Gnomeaggedon has issued a challenge to all of us out there.  WRITE MORE STORIES LIKE THIS!  Visit his blog at http://gnomeaggedon.net/2010/01/22/this-is-what-im-taking-about/

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