PvP for Noobs: Silvershard Mines

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So you’ve reached that point in your legendary quest line where you need to complete PvP objectives by being part of the winning team in 2 different battlegrounds.  You have NEVER PvPed before and have absolutely NO IDEA what you are suppose to be doing.  All you know is Silvershard Mines and Temple of Kotmogu MUST be yours.  You’ve come to the right place my friends.  Pull up a chair and get the basic idea of what you should be doing in Silvershard Mines.  That legendary cloak will be yours in no time!



The posts in this series are to serve as a overall starting point for new players beginning their PvP journey in Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft. Most players will be in PuGs (Pick Up Groups), or with one or 2 friends. These are by no means intended as “expert” commentary for Rated Battleground strategies.



Silvershard Mines

The Map:

Objective and basic strategy:

This is a 10v10 player map of the “payload” variety.  Team members must stand in the area around a cart in order to take control of the cart.  The cart will remain in the control of that team until the number of players from the opposite team in range of the cart is greater than the number of players from the controlling team.  The goal is to capture carts at “the end of the line”.  The first team to reach 1600 points wins.


Lava– Also called the bottom track.  Shortest time track on the map.

Water- Middle track.  Second shortest time track on the map.

North– ALSO CALLED EARTH. Top track on the map.  Longest ride time.

Mid/center/spawn– Go to the middle of the map where the carts are spawning

CC enemy-Use a crowd control.  Fear and rooting CC is good here.

Get in the circle/get on the cart- Your presence is only counted in taking the cart if you are inside the circle around it.

What should I be doing?

This battleground is pretty basic.  Move as a group, and be a huge show of force. If the enemy team has more players at a cart than you do, you will not be able to take it without a serious team effort.  You need to work as a team to take/keep control of the carts.

Which tracks?

Your team should try to take and hold the Lava track and the Water track.  It takes 1 minute, 30 seconds to capture a cart on Lava.  It takes 2 minutes to capture a cart on Water.  It takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds to capture a cart on the North track.  Holding Lava and Water are important.

How do I take/hold onto a cart?

You have to be within the circle around the cart in order to be counted as taking/holding the cart. That is all.  There is no clicking involved.  Simply be present and in the circle.  See the picture below:



If you do not have your ground effects turned up, stand as close to the cart as you can. The ring extends in about a 10 yard radius around the cart. It is moving, so you have to move with it!  I like to position myself IN FRONT of the cart on the track.  It is a lot easier to let the cart move TO you than it is to catch up to it once you get stuck behind it.


No, it’s not.  Using rooting crowd control can get enemies stuck outside of the ring.  Dropping slowing effects can prevent them from getting back in.  When enemies are feared or incapacitated inside the ring, it counts as them not being present! CC the heck out of them.  Use knockbacks.  Get them outside of the circle (or STUNNED inside the circle) and make sure YOU are inside the circle at all times.  Keep moving!

Should we have half our team defending?

In this battleground I like to leave only one person to defend carts that are not in danger.  In the case above, I told my team I would babysit this cart for the last few seconds and that allows the rest of the team to go take another cart.  In the picture above, you can see I was left alone right near the end of the track.  If I see enemies coming at me, I alert my team in chat to assist me ASAP.  As a priest, I can use psychic scream to buy me some time until my team comes to help.

I’m a stealthie!

Good…  sneak in and find carts the other team left undefended.  Pop out of stealth and convert it to your team right before it captures! (There’s an achievement for that!)

What should I NOT be doing?

Standing at mid waiting for carts to spawn.  This is a waste of time!  We need your body ON the carts we control, or on the carts we are trying to take.  Owning the cart at the end of the line is more important that controlling it when it spawns.

Changing the tracks.  Please don’t.  When you make the carts take the FAR NORTHEAST tracks it takes FOREVER for them to get there.  Yes; there is an achievement for capturing carts at all the points.  No; a random PUG battleground is NOT the place to do this!

Unless it seems hopeless at Lava and Water, don’t bother with the North track.  The only time it is really appropriate to go to the north track is if it is left completely unattended and you can quickly convert the cart right before it is captured.


AFKing. Please do not queue for BG’s and then walk away from your desk for 10 minutes when it starts. You will be reported AFK, removed from the BG and given a deserter debuff. It’s crappy to make your team be at a disadvantage because you want free honor. Even if you are undergeared, being behind the keyboard and TRYING to do something is better than nothing. No one will care if you are at the bottom of leaderboard numbers.

Padding the meters. We all like to see our names at the top of the leaderboard, but if all you are doing is standing at the fight on the road and doing burst damage, you aren’t helping your team. Play the objective.


Hey, I’m a noob, so I don’t have PvP gear, what should I wear?

I get it. We all started somewhere. If you are in leveling battlegrounds, most other people won’t have gear either. Don’t panic.

If you are a fresh max level character, looking to get into PvP for the first time, please invest in the crafted PvP gear. You will still feel like you are wearing wet newspaper instead of chainmail, but at least it is something. With the new PVP Power stat, you really want to have PvP gear and not just your raid items. The good news is that honor accrues quickly and that soon you will be rocking high item level epics and not be as squishy. Remember, Honor caps at 4000! Be sure to spend it! Pandaria Honor Quartermasters are located along “The Wall”.

Must have addons:

Deadly Boss Mods

Did you know that DBM is for more than just raids and dungeons? There is an entire PvP section that provides timers for all the battlegrounds. Very helpful!

Any last advice?

STAY IN A GROUP!  This is where the healers will be.  If you are undergeared, you won’t die as often with some healers around.

Don’t listen to losers that say “just stop trying, we are going to lose anyway.” There are achievements from coming back from the brink of defeat. It can happen. Regroup and keep trying.

Keep communicating. Telling your team what is happening at all the nodes is important. So is fast reaction. If someone says they need help, and you are not actively engaged in a fight, GO.

You are going to die. A LOT. It happens. When you get better gear, you are going to live longer, do more damage/healing, and enjoy PvP a lot more. Keep working at it!

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