Zero Percent Contained

Hi folks!

Welcome to the new, improved and much more modern site! This is Baybdoll, formerly of

All of the old content has been migrated to this new site, with plenty of NEW content to come!

So what’s the deal with the name and host change Bayb?

Here’s the dealio! My great friend @Reciraider made me an offer I couldn’t refuse… WordPress site, free hosting, total access and all the technical support I needed!  DONE DEAL MY FRIEND!

Originally I was simply going to keep the PowerWordHeal name. That was the intent. But, with Legion release approaching ever closer, I have made up my mind that I will (for the first time SINCE BURNING CRUSADE)…





Yep.. you read that right. Baybdoll, champion of all things healing will NOT be healing for legion.

Instead, I will be playing a mage. FIRE mage.


*starts singing “Burn Bayb Burn.. DISCO INFERNO*


No seriously though. I will be playing with @ReciprocityUS as a fire mage.



So back to the title of the blog.

I live in Idaho, where massive forest fires are the key note speaker of the summer season. We are home to the National Interagency Fire Center and our Universities offer degrees in Fire Management.

Containment is a term that fire departments use when they are talking about how “under control” a fire is. 100% contained means it is put out with no chance of re-igniting. 50% contained means it’s half way out.

0% percent contained means the fire is raging. It is wild and out of control. The wind is whipping and fueling it. There is no semblance of control. I think that is a good analogy for me. Both playing a fire mage in World of Warcraft, and how I live my life and write my blog.


Welcome to my blog. Feel the burn.



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