American As Apple Pie

Folks, this is an apple pie:

apple pie 1

But wait… so is this:

apple pie 3

Or maybe you are used to seeing it like:

apple pie 2

Regardless.. they are all tasty baked goods. I’ll get back to this later. I have a point, I swear.

Yesterday in WoW, I was running around doing the Legion patch quests on my priest, and decided to try out some invasions. This has been a trying experience because the folks on my realm are really bad about actually forming a raid group. (Blizzard could learn a lot about the “Join Public Group” option that is available in RIFT that would make world group forming so much more enjoyable)

Anyhow, I’m on a PvP server and without being in a raid group that means that I am frequently ganked and spend a lot of time dead. I’m OK with this, as it’s part of PvP servers. On my mage I stand back and pick off people that are ganking others after I tag the boss.  Without being a group, I’m less likely to get healed, which makes the entire process feel like a 1 v 40. With my priest, it’s infinitely more irritating to not be in a group. I’m a healer. Without raid frames, healing people means I have to individually target them and heal. My heals are mousebound and not on my bars. It’s a tragedy. I really hope the Blizzard team looks into auto-join features for world events

Back to the story…

I decide to take off and head toward one of the Fel Reaver elite demons and see if I can take it out. No one else is even in the vicinity. It only has 5million HP, but it ends up 2 shotting me and *splat*…

Then I see:


I responded with a “I’m sorry, what?” because I thought maybe I had done something like kill a low level mob with AOE while he was questing… (Turns out he was a level 85, in Org… not even in the zone) This is the next series of whispers:


People have given me a lot of shit about my response since I posted it on Twitter. Why was I so nice? Why didn’t I let him know where to shove it? Look, I knew I was reporting him immediately after the second reply came. I wasn’t about to get myself banned for engaging with the asshole.

I could discuss so many things here.

One is the fact that this type of harassment is common place. It’s really not shocking to me anymore. During RBG season it was common to get stuff like that whispered to me by my own team… or things like “I want to rape you after this match, OK” said in voice chat. I’ve been pretty vocal about this type of bullshit on Twitter so I won’t write about it here.

I could discuss the “keyboard warrior” mentality. That hiding behind an unknown character saying shitty things is cowardice. How there is NO WAY in hell that someone would walk up to me at Blizzcon and say that to my face. And if they did? I’d probably end up crying, but they would end up walking away bleeding because my husband and friends would come unhinged and pop them in the lip.

But honestly.. my biggest issue is when people do this completely unprovoked. And that’s what I’m going to discuss here.

If I was in your raid and barrage pulled 30 mobs. If I went afk while healing an RBG. If I lost a base in an RBG because I didn’t call out incoming. If I accidentally pulled the boss because I hit my #6 key on my mouse and sent the shadowfiend at the boss. These are all reasons you could potentially be irritated with me and provoked to call me a stupid cunt. You would have been directly interacting with me, my actions effecting your game play.

But in this case… No.

There was zero interaction. I didn’t do a god damn thing to you or to affect you. Yet you had to put your 2 cents in, didn’t you? Because you read my blog? Because you read my tweets? Because someone somewhere once mentioned my name? Because you THINK you know me?

Here’s the kicker. I wasn’t even going to write this blog post. I was over it. I had moved on. Chanas, if you wanted to be featured in my writing, you just had to ask for a shoutout. I got chu! But then last night on Twitter there was a meltdown over peach cobbler.

I bought 30 lbs of peaches and the hubs made a fresh peach cobbler. I posted a video of it still bubbling out of the oven. I got BACKLASH that it was a cheater cobbler because it didn’t have crumble topping. And the strangest part.. the person that was the most argumentative, wasn’t even MY follower. They were responding to a retweet, second hand.


(For the record, it’s a Paula Deen Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler recipe… if anyone know’s Southern desserts, it the queen of GOD DAMN BUTTER)

Um.. hey.. so.. there are crumbles.. and crisps and cobblers and then bastardized combinations of them all. All 3 apple pies I posted at the top are APPLE PIES. You can’t argue it. You may have a preference one way or another (I like dutch apple crumble pies), but they are all apple pies. Just like my peach cobbler was a MOTHERFUCKING cobbler. You don’t have to LIKE it, and you certainly don’t have to ARGUE about it.

I had a chat with my 14 year old yesterday. He’s at that awkward age where he’s trying to interact with adults more, but doesn’t really fully understand social graces and how to read the body language of other people and know WHEN TO STOP. He continually wants to share his thoughts, because he thinks he is funny or original or clever or smart. It’s annoying. Anyone who has ever had a teenager or worked with teenagers knows how fucking irritating it can be. NOT EVERY THOUGHT YOU HAVE ABOUT SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE SHARED OUTLOUD. The problem seems to be that folks on social media haven’t learned this yet. They just kind of spew bile over everything and feel the need to comment on EVERYTHING. It’s like living the land of perpetual teenagers.

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Everyone is entitled to one. And most of them stink.

And this is why my panties are in a twist today.

Perhaps it’s age/maturity, but when I see an opinion/picture posted on social media that is different than my own… I don’t see that as an invitation to start an unwarranted debate. I simply keep scrolling. I posted a picture of a cobbler. I didn’t want to debate the intricacies of hot baked desserts last night. I wanted to eat the motherfucking cobbler. I wanted to share a picture that others might appreciate it. Enjoy the image or just keep scrolling. Not everything is meant to cause a debate.

And that’s why Chanas, my WoW stalker was brought up. If he doesn’t like me, that’s a-ok by me. If you don’t like me, that’s fine too. Move along. But the fact that someone would go OUT OF THEIR WAY to find me and then be a dick, is mind boggling. Stop trying to pick fights with internet strangers. Have a slice of apple pie, or peach cobbler and enjoy life instead of arguing and being angry all the fucking time.

One thought on “American As Apple Pie

  1. Lyssi

    I just want to know who seriously gets their panties in a twist over a picture of cobbler?

    Crazy world out there.

    BTW I am totes jealous of your cobbler having.

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